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We, Yoshikawa International Patent & Trademark Office, have treated, in addition to many domestic and foreign application proceedings, many searches for patent and trademark. Further, we have treated, in corporation with a lawyer well informed about intellectual property rights, legal proceedings of patent, utility model, design and trademark.

Yoshikawa International Patent & Trademark Office

Our Mark 登録商標(商標登録第3273503号)

 This mark is registered as trademark registration No.3273503.

Class of goods and services of this mark is class No.42 「Licensing of Intellectual Property and consultancy in the field of Intellectual Property」. If others use this mark about the same service, the use will be infringement of a trademark right.

This mark represents unification of Y (Yoshikawa) and P (Patent). There are registered trademarks of various types: construction of figures such as our mark, characters such as SONY, symbols and three-dimensional shapes.

Patent Attorney 弁理士 吉川晃司

KOJI YOSHIKAWA(Born in July 3, 1959)

  • Director of Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation Shizuoka
  • Advisor of the Shimizu Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Advisor of Shizuoka Industrial Creation Organization
  • Senior Advisor of the Shizuoka Federation of Commerce & Industry
  • Promotion Member of the Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry

弁理士 吉川明子

AKIKO YOSHIKAWA(Born in Feb 25, 1962)

  • Advisor of Shizuoka Industrial Creation Organization
  • Advisor of Shizuoka City Shimizu Industry & Information Plaza
Address 〒422−8064 11-28, Shinkawa 1-chome, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan
TEL 81-54-654-5480
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Date of Establishment September 2, 1991
Number of staffs six
Guidance map 吉川国際特許商標事務所地図