Patent Attorney's work


Generally, intellectual property right includes industrial property right and copyright. Industrial property right includes patent, utility mode, design, and trademark rights. Almost products which we can see of electrical eauipments, computers, cars, drugs, daily necessities, and the like, are protected by industrial rights.

In order to obtain industrial rights, you must file application documents with the Japanese Patent Office, which is one of the administrative offices. Examiners of the Patent Office examine the application documents and give the rights only if they satisfy the requests under the Patent Law.

Our main work is acting as attorney the application proceedings.

Intellectual Property Rights 

Intellectual Property Rights

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Contents Requests for Registration Protection Period of Right
Creative representation of idea or emotion, belonging to literatures, sciences and arts
Computer programs are applicable.
Copyright is generated at the same as the creation, with no proceedings.
(The creator's own name, the creation date or the like is registable.)
50 years from the death of creaor