Our search areas related to Patent, Utility Model, Design and Trademark.

Search includes Computer Search and Manual Search. At need, Computer Search and Manual Search are combinable. Cost is variable depending on the search contents. Therefore, upon receiving one search request, we will provide estimated cost.

Kinds of Searches

Prior Application Search

・Search on filing of prior application.
・Filing of unpatentable (or unregistable) application is preventable if there have been found a prior application.
・Patentability (or registability) is increasable on your application if it is filed upon consideration of prior applications.

Infringement Prevention Search

・Search on applications and/or rights with possibility of infringing before planning and selling of your new products.
・Troubles with the other company and claim of compensation for damages beforehand are overcome.

Applicants/Proprietor Search

・Search on special applicants and /or proprietor.
・The content of competitor's application and technique in the field of newly entering are graspable.

Identified techniques/applicants Continuous Watching Search

・Periodic Search on identified competitors or their techniques.
・Information proposal procedure, opposition procedure and license negotiation can be timely done and anytrouble is preventable.

Invalid Material Gathering Search

・Search on gathering materials for use to demand trial for invalidation of patent in case of being appealed as patent infringement from a competitor.

Examination / Appeal procedure Watching Search

・Search on competitor's application situation in examination/appeal stages or right duration.